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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

ASUS K53E-BBR1 Troubleshooting page

The Asus K53E-BBR1 is a functional quality laptop that can be used for home of office work. This Laptop has an intel core i5 processor, 15 inch LED display, 4 GB of ram, Windows 7-64 bit operating system and 320 GB of memory.

Device Won’t Power on

The computer won’t turn on when the power button is pressed and doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t light up.

Dead Battery

The battery of your laptop may have simply run out of power. This usually happens after several hours of use without being plugged in, but can be much shorter if the battery has already seen a lot of use. Try plugging the laptop in for 10-15 minutes and see if it will turn on after that.

Faulty Battery

Make sure the battery is fully in place and locked in. The battery on this model is removable, which is nice as it makes it easy to replace or swap out, but it can lead to a bad connection. It could also be because some dirt has managed to get in and block the connection. Try cleaning the battery and space where it goes with a compressed air can in order to give it a clean connection.

Faulty Charger

It may be a problem where your charging cord is not functioning properly. First make sure the cord is plugged in all the way to the wall as well as to the laptop and that nothing is blocking either from forming a connection. If it still isn’t charging the charging cable may have to be replaced.

Touchpad Unresponsive

The touchpad is unresponsive and trying to move the cursor does nothing.

Disabled Touchpad

The touchpad may simply have been disabled by accident. This can be solved by using the hotkeys to re-enable it (f9 + fn). It can also be re-enabled by using the settings option in windows to find devices and make sure it is enabled. Alternatively the touchpad can be found in the device manager tab, where it should be listed and can be interacted with.

Dirt Buildup

The touchpad may have accumulated enough dirt and other unwanted material to hinder the touchpad’s functionality. If this is the case a can of compressed air can be used to clean in between the loose parts, getting rid of any grime. The touchpad itself can also be wiped down with a wet wipe, or a damp cloth to clean it off. Be careful not to apply water directly to the touchpad, or use a too wet cloth as this could damage the laptop.

Loose Connection

If none of the above works it may be that the wires connecting the touchpad to the rest of the unit are loose or disconnected and that they need to be replaced or reconnected. If you have already tried restarting the laptop to see if that restores connection, you may need to open it up and make sure everything is connected.

Laptop Overheats

My laptop is getting unusually hot

Faulty Battery

If you’re noticing a rise in temperature of your laptop’s surface it can be a sign that the battery is damaged. There are many types of batteries and their life span can be affected by different reasons. However, it is unanimous one of the main factors that decrease the lifespan of batteries is their storage and cycling patterns. The way you charge your device has a direct correlation with the degradation mechanisms that make it fail over time. Batteries are not meant to be stored at 100% or 0%. It causes the battery to get unstable – it does not remain charged for as long, and generates heat—as the battery has a finite number of charge cycles.

Failing Cooling system

A rise in temperature of the Asus laptop air outlet means that the system is degrading. The most common cause for such complication is dust and/ or other residuals obstructing the passage of air through the “bottom breathers”.  To prevent this you might consider the way you position your laptop. It is recommended that you use your laptop in flat and level surfaces. To solution this problem clean the device with an air compressor at a distance(carefully so you don’t damage fragile parts).

Can’t Establish Wi-Fi connection

Wi-fi icon shows that the device is not connected to the internet

Laptop is in Air-plane mode

If this is the case there will be an air plane icon on the bottom right corner of the task bar. Right click on the icon and turn it off.

Wi-fi is turned off

To enable wi-fi on your device go to control panel>Network and internet>Network and sharing center and enable the Wireless network connection. You should then see the available wi-fi connections and you may chose one.

Out of date wi-fi drivers

Go to the Asus Website and download the appropriate wi-fi drivers.

Failing Wi-fi card

If there is no wi-fi options under the menus afore mentioned then the wi-fi card might be failing. In this case you might consider replacing the wi-fi card.

Keyboard Unresponsive

I’m typing on the keyboard but nothing happens and there is no response.

Dirt and Residue Buildup

Dirt and Residue can work its way under the keys causing them to malfunction and not work. Also, water or other liquids that get onto the keyboard can cause certain keys or the entire keyboard to fail. The non-functioning keys can be popped up off the key board and the area under the keys can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is not wet but just damp and clean away as much as you can.

Loose Connection

If restarting the computer does not fix your keyboard, then the issue could be a loose connection. The keyboard connection to the motherboard may be loose. If this is the case, the ribbon cable of the keyboard needs to be reconnected. If you do not know how to do this, then please refer to our keyboard replacement guide.

Faulty Keyboard

If you are sure the keyboard has a connection to the motherboard, then the problem most likely lies with the keyboard itself. You will have to replace the entire keyboard. If you do not know how to do this, then please refer to our keyboard replacement guide.

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