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I was born and raised in Czech Republic. I'm 22

I was 16 when I first attempted to fix or upgrade something. It was my PSP 2000. Then I tried to fix my Early 2007 white MacBook. Of course, the beginnings were tough and I broke parts in the process, but I repaired it eventually and now I'm pretty confident replacing parts in almost anything.

Next nut to crack is the iPod Classic!

I own Early 2009 17" Macbook Pro. It still runs great. I clean it once a month and I'm always surprised to find dust and other stuff in there. And that's why I believe in maintenance and repair. Doing this all by myself saved me a lot of money, and nerves

Isn't it funny (And sad at the same time) how people complain about their MacBooks or laptops in general, that they don't perform as well as they used to, while it might be just about cleaning the fan? They'd rather buy a brand new one

Not necessary, really

At least, this is what I can do for my friends, free of charge of course... =)

After being a long time lurker here, I decided to make an account and contribute, if I can!

At the moment, I'm trying to fix as many things as possible. I just started getting calls from friends of friends who are asking me to repair their gadgets. Great! Since I'm still a student, having this little "side business" repairing stuff would be nice =)

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