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Who am I ? What do I do ?

I'm Xavier, living in France, I am a critical and intensive care nurse in Switzerland, specializing in mechanical ventilation. A great and technical job ! I'm also a Research Nurse in mechanical ventilation in my Intensive Care Unit.

What do I not do ?

I'm not a specialist in computer or electronic parts, so I don't pretend to be one... I'm not a repair technician, so I don't pretend to be one of those, either. I just have some ideas (sometimes bad...) and a different vision to analyse problematics.

When I am not working...

I have several hobbies: gardening, biking, and walks in the field with my 4x4 (Land Rover). I spend a lot of time repairing various things, and I often repair computers and phones (Apple essentially) of my colleagues.

I do a lot of mechanical and modificiations on Land Rover Defender, especially on TD5 and TD4 models.

When I have free time, I make music, playing saxophone, bass, didgeridoo and bombard (it is a traditional instrument from Brittany)

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