I'm Samantha Lionheart, I mostly go by Sam, and I have the honor of being a technical writer here at iFixit. Most of the time my writings will teach you valuable things about technology. This time they will be used to gab aimlessly about myself.

FAQ ¶ 

Yes, that is my real name. No, I'm not related to Richard the Lionheart, though my dad's name is Richard. No, I'm not related to Jean-Claude Van Damme, though I am fluent in French. Yes, that Of Monsters and Men song is pretty rad, though I don't speak a word of Icelandic. Well, I guess I know 'stulka' means girl, but that's a different story.

EDU ¶ 

I got my degree from Cal Poly, SLO (the ''real'' Cal Poly) in Graphic Communication, which deals primarily with printing. I concentrated in the design end of things, got a minor in packaging, and was a student manager of the on-campus printshop. I also took way too many art, literature, typography, sociology and history courses. This bit was meant to explain that I really like learning, about everything. And I guess I was going to work in a warning about how much I love run-on sentences. And well-placed fragments. But maybe it has become a stream-of-conscious ramble that we should try to escape from.

What I do ¶ 

My interests include MOVIES, BOOKS, ARTS, and GRATUITOUS POP CULTURE REFERENCES. I split my time between working, watching things, drawing things, and making things. And as you may have guessed, I'm on tumblr quite a bit.

Currently watching:

  • The X Flies
  • The Get Down

Currently reading:

  • Solaris
  • The Complete Sherlock Holmes
  • East of Eden

Currently making:

  • Tattoo designs