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Recently I came across this website as I was looking at how to fix my Zune 120 GB with a cracked screen before I thought of sending it in to pay more money than was needed. I happened to click on this link and fell in love ever since! All throughout my childhood I had an addiction to take things apart to figure out how they worked, but alas never knew how to put it back together. This website has given me back my childhood days of looking at just about anything, drooling at the thought of having its guts on my worktable, and perform electrical surgery at my expense! Currently I'm in Japan serving in the United States Marine Corps, and I have to say, there isn't a better way to keep my mind busy and stress free than utilizing the ifixit toolkit to help out the Marines here fixing their electronics as well as teaching how to fix them. I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can about motherboards, soldering, Cisco router programming, programming software, basically anything to do with electronics to where I could build them, it's a hard goal for me to learn, but it's also a dream of mine to reach.

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