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Hello! My name is Jules Torilus, I am a junior at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth majoring in Entrepreneurship, interested in small business management, marketing, and finance. I am also interested in any education or knowledge that is useful to potentially bring success in the operation of my future projects.

My first primary aspiration is to open a cultural family restaurant as a token of gratitude back to my parents especially to my mother in help of her retirement plan since she is so passionate about her culinary skills. I am also aspired to operate a variety of local shelters and local department stores accessible to the community in need back in my homeland.

Currently my skills are strong written and verbal communication, discretion and trustworthiness, adaptability and social skills, financial skills, teamwork, project management, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, YouTube.

I have a standard repair experience when it comes to home improvement, standard fro improvements around the house like bathroom, and kitchen. I have a low experience for technological repairs with medium difficulties.

I have been a member of my homeland local battalion, and also a member of the MassPIRG organization. For my hobbies I have put my interest in designing clothing, art nursing elderlies, car and house improvements.

I believe I will be benefit from this project professionally in the aspect of practicing how to provide and promote clear and accurate information in a step by step form to the audience.