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I am Nicole Letigio and I am an Information Technology student at York University. I chose this major because I want to explore the vast world of computer and technology especially the processes on how the computer systems operate. I want to be a Client Support Specialist in which I provide maintenance to computer systems and hardware. I hope to help those people who are not familiar with the technology we have and those who cannot fix their technological issues such as hardware malfunction, computer /internet rebooting and more. I also hope that despite being a stranger to the person who needed my help I want them to feel that they can rely on me when facing with such challenges.

Some skills that I am proud of is my communication skills and my ability to work with people. Most of my peers are very fond on how I communicate to them especially when I have opinions and ideas that they cannot visualize. I would sometimes go out my way and draw my idea on piece of paper for them to have a vision on my ideas and they can easily point out the issues behind it upon which I happily accept and revise it no matter how big or small it is.

I rarely have any experience on fixing things, however, I recall that our internet connection was having some issues that lead us to have a very slow internet connection. I searched up this issue on google using my phone data and discovered that I have to flush the DNS (Domain Name System) to clear out some outdated caches that is causing the congestion in the internet connection. Although this might sound basic for some, for me this is an achievement and sparked my interest to pursue a career in this platform.

During my spare time, I play the guitar as a type of therapy since I have been feeling more and more depressed and stressed from school and outside school. I also play some video games especially Minecraft. I love Minecraft because not only am I able to show the creative side of me I am also improving my problem solving skills by making an efficient way to make things such as how to make an automatic wheat farm, practicing red stone pulses and how they operate, and more.

Overall, I hope this project will help me discover more of my interest and also my career. This project will me improve my research and writing skills. I am also hoping that this will benefit me to create connection to people whether if it is my future employer or the common folk. If I and the others see and felt my improvement as a student, person, friend and family, then that is enough for me.