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I am a full-time student at York University. My major is Information Technology.

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  • Teaching a router how to do its job!
  • Speaking in English, German, Farsi, Java, JS, HTML, CSS, Python, and more!
  • Dedication to whatever I am interested in!
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Repair Experience

  • Accomplishments: I have worked on a few networking and programming projects. I have also repaired a few iDevices (Screens, batteries, etc.) and a defective mainboard.
  • Experience: I have fairly good experience in repair. My father, an electrical engineer, believes that being able to fix things around the house saves one a lot of money. I was taught how to use many tools since I was a kid.

About me

Hobbies: In my free time I like to workout and play classical music on the Piano.

How this project relates to me: I am a curious person willing to know how different things work. I can do what I like as an assignment now! It’s great!