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Hello! My name is Esther and I am 2nd year undergraduate student of York University with Information technology major.

I obtained a diploma of “transportation and logistics “and a bachelor degree of arts (major in economics). I have been working in various field and industry including ,logistic, retail , and Telecom.  Currently I have a full time job at a telecom company as logistics specialist.

I haven’t had much experience in repairs, but would like to learn and expand my knowledge through new ifixit project. I was a fixed asset administrator in the telecom company which provided me a chance to get familiar with relevant telecom equipment and IT device such as RRU, BBU ,servers boards, switch ,thin client ,laptops.  Meanwhile I was working closely with our IT specialists for the equipment replacement. My original idea of choosing IT major is to enhance my knowledge and build more working confidence in telecom industry.

Skills :

·       Project coordination

·       Time management

·       Bilingual

·       Responsible

Repair Experience:

·       Huawei Mate 10 battery replacement

·       Lenovo X1 carbon screen replacement

I enjoy the exciting moment to fix things and get them back to run as normal.



·       Playing basketball

·       Surfing on internet

·       Having small home renovation DIY project

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