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Silverthorn Collegiate Institute

York University


Bachelors of Arts, Honors Information Technology


To become an IT Project Manager or a Computer System Architect.


Programming: Python 3.00 +, MATLAB R2019a, JAVA SE 8.

Software/Hardware: TinkerCAD, CURA 4.1+, 3D Printing, Hyper-V, Microsoft Office.


Deployment of virtual server that handles clients from the Metropolitan area network .

Deployment of a physical server that handles various personal needs, such as a mail server.

Repair Experience:

Block Image

Designing and printed a ventilation “snorkel” for a Samsung dishwasher, to fix a huminty issue due to poor airflow.

Various troubleshooting issues on Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04 , and electronic devices.


Honor Roll Standing (Grades 9 through 12) 2015 to 2018

Grade 12 Subject Proficiency Awards in: Computer Engineering Technology (Average 98%), Computer Science ''(Average 100%''). 2018

Grade 11 Subject Proficiency Awards: Introduction to Computer Science (Average 100%) 2017

Grade 10 Subject Proficiency: Introduction to Computer Studies (Average 100%). 2016


President of the Computer Science Club at Silverthorn Collegiate Institute (2017 to 2018)


I consider my hobbies to be marathon bike riding, programming, working on home laboratory to improve my professional skills, and playing video games time to time.