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Hi there, my name is Eric Dean and I am currently a senior at Washington State University in the Civil Engineering college with an interest in Water Resource engineering.

I first became interested in engineering due to a lot of my family being engineers in all different fields of engineering. One of my first great memories that got me interested in the field was when I was very young my grandfather got me a toy that allowed you to safely play with circuits. As I grew older both my aunt and uncle who are both Civil Engineers got me LEGO’s for my birthday which got me interested in building structures. All of my engineer family members got me interested in the field of engineering and they helped guide me throughout high school and college.

In high school I played a lot of music with my high schools wind ensemble and outside of school with a program called Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra. Music definitely shaped me to become who I am today and have shaped me to who I am today. With music I lead some small ensembles and was apart of a couple that preformed at Washington State Solo and Ensemble at the state competition level. During the summers of college I got a job working as a groundskeeper. This job and working with repairing irrigation pipes and sprinkler heads got me interested in working with water resources. Along with getting me interested in water resources since I was working in the environment it made me appreciate the environment.

I am excited to work on guides with IFIXIT due to their goal and mission to help clean up the environment with helping people fix their own technology through guides. I look forward to helping edit guides.


  • Autocad
  • Civil 3D
  • Bluebeam
  • ArcGIS
  • Revit
  • Excel
  • MatLab


  • Part time groundskeeper summers 2016-2019
  • volunteered MISD


  • Playing the Bassoon
  • Listening to music
  • Biking