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I’m currently a Sophmore student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and a minor in Defense Studies. I chose this major because I’ve always had a keen sense in trying to fix things around my life and it eventually led into wanting to create them. I decided to become a Mechanical Engineer due to my love of firearms and complex machines with small parts working together to accomplish a bigger goal or mission and wanting to design such systems.

I love tinkering with things in order to upgrade them or to fix them. However, my favorite things to do are mod gaming retro gaming consoles. However, due to being a college student, that pass time has been cut down by a large chunk. However, I will prevail! I still tinker around with them from time to time, but not in the capacity I did a few years ago.

Some of the things I’ve fixed:

OnePlus 2 - Screen Replacement, Fingerprint Sensor Replacement, Battery Upgrade

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New 3DS XL - I’ve done a lot of mix mash with broken devices to get functional ones

Gameboy(Advanced SP, Advanced, Color, DMG101) - I’ve done a lot of stuff to these things, modding, repair, and everything in between. Due to the simpler design of these older hand held Nintendo’s, it makes them very user friendly to mod or repair.

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