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I am currently studying at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and I am aiming to get my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Aeronautics has been my interest since childhood, and I wanted to pursue it in adulthood as well. My hope is to find an enjoyable career in the field.

During my high school enrollment, I was part of the FRC robotics team CRUSH 1011. The annual goal of each FRC challenge was to work together and build a fully functioning robot that could complete various tasks on a playing field with other Teams. This varied from climbing towers to delivering various objects to earn points. In my Junior year(2017) we were one of the world championship winning teams at the Houston International Competition. Being on a robotics team and having to fill various roles as needed was a very solid foundation for my engineering career.

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An image of the World Champion robot from 2017

My hobbies are Photography and Video games. While I do spend a rather large portion of my free time playing various games, I also enjoy camping, hiking and backpacking, and capturing any worthwhile sights as well. One of my roles during robotics competitions was to photograph everything that was going on, robots and people alike. It was definitely thrilling to see everything operate up close.

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A photo I took during a trip to Washington state last summer

While I haven’t been much of a computer junkie I do enjoy working with my hands and I look forward to working with the iFixit team on future projects.