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  • School - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Major - Aerospace Engineering; I chose this major so I can take on the challenge of orbital debris.
  • Aspirations - My goal is to clean up orbital debris in an efficient manner and if at all possible be able to collect and reuse the material.
  • Skills - I am certified in Microsoft Office and have a general tool knowledge and operation experience.
  • Previous Projects - I have a lot of house remodeling experience, including demolition, design and construction. For example, I have remodeled an entire bathroom, tearing down drywall and removing existing tile, followed by installing drywall, texturing and painting the walls. I tiled and grouted the the floor, halfway up the wall, and all of the shower area.
  • Fix Experience - most of my experience rests in replacing a part within a bigger project or building something completely new. For example, replacing the arm on a toilet pump or a belt on a lawn mower. I would like to learn how to fix mechanical items like a motor and be able to work on cars.
  • Accolades - The only awards I have received are scholarships
  • Memberships - I belong to multiple organizations within Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University such as Society of Women Engineers, NASA Robotic Mining Competition and Valkyrie. Outside of the university I volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Hobbies - I like to build things from scratch out of wood. I have made various projects from wall art and shelves to tables and planters.
  • Project Relation - This project is similar to things I have done before, is will be a simple replacement with tools I’ve had experience with.

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