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School - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Major - Aerospace Engineering

Aspirations - Once I graduate, I’m hoping that I can work for or get contracted out to NASA.

Skills - Great leadership skills, works great with others, Detailed worker- making sure everything is done correctly, Catia/ Cad

Projects/accomplishments - I built a ball launcher for a project for school and at the launchers strongest it could launch a ball upto 20 feet.

Repair Experience - I don’t have much experience repairing, all I have when it comes to repairing experience is fixing little things here in there.

Accolades - I have been on the deans list for good grades for 2 years straight

Groups/memberships - I am apart of NSCS and also a player on my schools Ultimate Frisbee team.

Hobbies - Playing Video games and watching shows or movies

How does this project relate to you - For this project, I’m hoping to gain some more experience and try something I have not done before.

Fun Facts - I am from Colorado, I love to swim, hike, play sports, but I have never gone snowboarding or skiing.

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