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A little bit about myself:

I love summer and hate being cold! My hobbies include laying in the sun, playing with animals, going to bonfires with friends, and sleeping. I also enjoy sewing and other crafty activities as well.

What life is like currently for me:

I am a full-time student with the goal of getting all A's this quarter. Right now, my life consists of studying and babysitting daily. My favorite thing to do during the school year, when I have time, is volunteering at the Humane Society. I am a dog walker as well as a clinic volunteer (mostly do all the cleaning).

My future goals:

My number one goal for the future has always been to be a veterinarian. I hope to achieve this by getting decent grades and continuing to volunteer at the shelter as much as I can. I also hope to move out on my own and adopt a dog (or three).