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I’m majoring in journalism-public relations. I am also minoring in communications. I plan on being at EWU for one more year and graduate after winter quarter 2020. Some skills I have that will be valuable is writing, communications and research. I’ve always been a good writer since early high school. My skills and writing styles have just grown from classes I’ve been taking while pursuing my major. In my opinion if you want to succeed in a group project the group has to have communication so I always prioritize that in. These skills will be valuable for the project because when it comes to writing a guide If i have the information I will be able to get it put together in a timely manner. Communication is key so I will be communicating with you guys as much as possible while also making sure everybody is communicating with one another. I took a communications research class recently and found valuable methods and resources of research. I don’t have much experience with repairing things besides little things I’ve had to fix around the house or at work.