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My name is Sultan Alqahtani. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I studied twelve year from elementary school until high school, and then I graduated from high school in 2007. After graduating from high school I did my diploma back in Saudi Arabia. I came to the U.S 2013 and my first state here in the U.S was Texas. However, I moved to WA in Cheney and decided to study at EWU in the summer of 2016. I majored in electrical engineering. I am planning to graduate spring 2019 and go back home to get a good job since Saudi Arabia is developing and much of opportunities there. In my opinion, since I am majoring in electrical engineering iFixit idea is going to help me in my life, for example, I do not have to though away any electronics since I have got an image of how to fix electronics. I usually play video games on my free time, also I play soccer with my friends on the weekends and back home I used to ride horses because my father loves horses and he has stable of horses at our farm.