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My name is Ahmed Aldayen, I am majoring mechanical engineering tech . My major mustily teaching how to solve mechanics problem and how to be creative that in one side the other side is how to fix machines and run production line for example Iron bar rods, and cars industry. Also, I have been always interested in mechanic and dynamic. I have been in EWU for 3 years, I worked on group projects before in couple of classes here in EWU and all of them were so interesting and fun . I have little experience in mechanical filed because I used to work in factory back in Saudi Arabia I worked there in many sections and but mustily in CNC operation then in 2013 I decided to study mechanic engineer it is a challenging experience but so great to have this opportunity. Furthermore, I have fixed some of my electronic devices by my self like my Iphone , gameboy , and my laptob . also some time if I have the tools I fix my car by my self. My hobbies are play volleyball and drawing, I play volleyball a lot in Saudi Arabia I considered a relief from stresses and workout as well . and if I have got some free time I start to draw and sketch I have couple of draws I hang them in my wall and there are quite lovely .