Who ¶ 

I'm Taylor Dixon! I was born in the good ol' nineties. I spend my time climbing, cycling, tinkering, and binging internet tv. I also love dogs, even though I'm allergic to them.

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What ¶ 

Technical Writing is my game.

When ¶ 

With much excitement I have joined the iFixit team in this the 2018th year of our world. I recently graduated from college at Utah State University with a tech writing degree, and I'm excited to put it to good use here.

Why ¶ 

Why writing? Why technical? I've long been deeply immersed in the technology scene. The first smartphones started to emerge when I was in middle school, and I've been fascinated with them all along the way. I've owned more gadgets than I can count, and I've dismantled more than I own. I found tech writing during my junior year of college when I fell out of love with computer science, but still wanted a career close to technology. It was then that I realized that I was better suited for explaining technology than I was for creating it.

How ¶ 

How did I make it from Utah to California? Well, I put all my stuff in the car and I drove 12 hours! It was a big life change, but when you get a chance to be a part of the dream team, you don't turn it down. ;)

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