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I own:


A MacBook Pro:

15.4" | Mid 2014 | 16GB ram | 512GB SSD | 2.5GHz i7 | GT750M

2018 got it used for my B-day in November 2017. (Was still under warranty at the time!)

Had to get the screen replaced because the non-reflective coating was peeling. It was free from Apple, and I got it back in under 3 hours

Block Image

Note that the disassembly cost more than the screen itself!




An iPhone 6+ (not the S)

64GB | Space Grey | ©2014

(Had to get a replacement due to I.C. disease in 2016)

2018 and the phone doesn't have a scratch on the screen (not joking).


An iPod 6th Touch Gen.

32GB | (PRODUCT) RED | ©2017

Here's why I bought an iPod in 2017...

I bought it because I had the money, my iPod 4 was dying, my 8th Grade school field trip was to Italy and we could only bring iPods/music players/cameras, no Phones, because we weren't supposed to be distracted with them, (My family doesn't pay international so I couldn't bring it anyway), but still, half the people brought their phones anyway...


An iPod Touch 4th Gen.

8GB | Space Grey | ©2012

My first Apple product turned out to be a cheap refurbished one from eBay (learned our lesson there) I dropped it, the screen popped off, visual display was busted, touch was still working (weird, I know), had a custom SkinIt skin on it...

Block Image

I know I look young...








Got a replacement from Apple for $90, and it's sitting in my archive drawer, along with a bunch of old tech boxes and junk.


An iPad 2nd Gen.

64GB | Space Grey | Non-Cellular | ©2011

Originally owned by a company my father used to work for, (He never used it so he said I could have it). (And the company never asked to have it back, lol)

2018 and if you don't turn the screen off it will stain the lcd (leave it turned off for a few minutes and it goes away).



___iPhone 4 (Product) no service

___iPhone 4S (Box+Product) no service

___iPhone 5C (Box) traded in

___iPhone 6+ (Box) still in use

___iPhone 7 (Box) still in use

___iPhone 8 (Box) still in use

___iPod 4 (Product) still works... I think

___iPod 6 (Box) still in use

Black Wii (Everything) still works... I think

Windows XP (Recovery disk)

Windows 7 (Recovery disk)

Microsoft Work Suite ©2003

Dell Studio XPS 8100 (Owners Manual) Product might be dead

Dell Studio 1558 (Product) still works ...but I broke the hard drive

And a bunch of old junk the that I'm archiving

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