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Currently, I'm a 26 year old female Visual Communication and Design senior. I'm also working on the User Experience certificate, as I'm pretty interested in front end design. Aside from design-related work, I'm taking my first year of Japanese, I might double major in Art, and have an internship as a lead programmer for Nerdna. I've been at EWU for a couple years now, wasting a quarter or two going in a medical direction before I switched to my lovely VCD major. If I play my cards right, I should graduate Spring 2018.

As far as this project is concerned, I am incredibly excited because I LOVE taking things apart and figuring out how they work. For example, I have a projector that needed a bulb replacement. It was a blast. Surprisingly enough, I feel like I have a lot of experience with fixing mechanical things, even some cars. Knowing physics may come in handy somewhere, perhaps? I know product photography and own a DSLR camera which directly helps the goal.

I have fair spelling and grammar, and I enjoy editing and checking for related mistakes in writing. My eyesight is pretty good still, so I can see small bits. My downfalls include a quiet voice and extreme stage fright.

If there isn't any tool I don't already know how to use, I pick things up somewhat quickly. From learning Origami on YouTube to step-by-step instructions on how to connect my Ps4 controllers to my laptop so I can play RocketLeague on the 8 foot screen I built on my own, I am intimidated by very little.

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