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Howdy Cyber World! Faith here - assistant in matters of iFixit office flow. Call me stoked on living in SLO and working at iFixit, ‘cause that’s what I am.

That’s what I call IFIXIT!

I am new here...but I can already tell this place is different. The people here are rad. And the people of SLO have nothing but amazing things to say about this local business. This is a business and concept to get behind. There’s so much good in repairing - that pride you can take in your new found ability, a sense of ownership in what is yours, a futuristic mindset that takes responsibility for the effect of personal decisions. I say - let’s get more stoked on what we already have!

That’s what I call FUN!

Soccer playing, running around on foot, bike cruising, sleeping in tents, photo snapping, second-hand clothes shopping, typography-ing, playing the ukelele and vocal chords, spontaneous games of tag with strangers, chess with my man. I’ll try just about anything, so do tell me what’s fun to you.

That’s what I call WORK!

There’s Balloons by Faith ( ...where I make balloon creations for your entertainment. Princesses, turtles, alien blaster guns, fishies on fishing poles, and embarrassingly silly hats are a few of my favorite things to make.

There’s Chasing Faith Photography ( ...where I create digital images of you and your people for your viewing and sharing pleasure. I love a good outdoor portrait session. Lately I’ve been really into layering images.

Here’s a recent layered image I made. That’s me with greenery in my face.

Block Image

That’s my husband Keith and I at the beach. In this picture I have 5 arms!

Block Image

Thanks for reading!

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