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Tech Repair is in my DNA! I grew-up fixing stuff with my Dad but the first time I ever fixed a phone in 2001 I just couldn’t go back. At the time, I owned an AT&T dealership that had just started in Falls Church, VA, outside of Washington DC. We had a lot of people coming into our store because they thought we were the Motorola Warranty Center that was just down the road from us.

They were coming in because the stub antenna on the Motorola V60 would break-off easily. After sending no less than a couple of dozen people on to the warranty center - where they charged $50 to replace the antenna - I found that one of my distributors sold the part and we started doing the repair for less.

A few years later we started the WiGoClinic - Cell Phone Repair Shop which eventually expanded to 10 locations around the Washington Metropolitan area before I sold the locations in 2016. Since then I have worked with a few Tech Repair startups, explored starting my own tech repair startup and consulted with dozens of companies.

My tech repair blog, The WiGoMan ( ), is designed to educate people about the benefits of repair and try to get tech repair people to work together to achieve more success and grow the tech repair industry while at the same time advance the cause of Right to Repair legislation.

I also own WiGoTECH Repair Parts, a repair parts distribution company that specializes in older, hard-to-find, tech repair parts. You can find us on eBay at:


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