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An Anecdote

So I was walking in the park the other day and a student came up to me with a broken smartphone. She saw that I was clearly brilliant and capable of solving any problem thrown my way, so naturally, she asked, "Excuse me, but I've just broken my phone and don't know what to do, are there any online resources that you know of that might help me?"

Naturally, I knew just how to help her, but I'm a man of few words, so I simply replied, "iFixit".

The student quickly responded, "Oh no, that's ok, I'd like to fix it myself. I was just wondering if you were familiar with any helpful places online that could guide me through my repair process?"

Clearly, she misheard me, so I replied slowly this time, "Yes, I - Fix - it."

Now she became frustrated "Listen! I'm sure '''you could''' fix it, but that wasn't what I was asking!" She slapped me across the face and then stormed off.

I knew right then and there that I needed to do a better job assisting students in creating and using repair guides on iFixit. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The Job

Ever since that fateful afternoon I've been working hard in iFixit's EDU department. I have the pleasure of helping students all across the country create repair guides and learn valuable tech-writing and communication skills. All the while, helping iFixit eliminate e-waste in the process. iFixit got so good at creating guides to help fix the world that other people wanted to use our software too! When I can, I also help our software company, Dozuki, with customer support and document conversion.

The Basics

  • Proud Philosopher and Graduate of Cal Poly, 2016
  • A generally not impressive but competent pianist and guitarist
  • Avid Backpacker and outdoor gear junkie
    • Recently finished hiking all 250 miles the John Muir Trail with my college roommates. We had a blast.
  • Passionate about environmental education
  • Aspiring model/life coach/lifestyle blogger/DJ
    • Just kidding about that last one
      • Or am I?

Some Visual Evidence

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Corey FAQs


Do people really ask the same questions so often that you need your own FAQ section?


Yes. Deal with it.


You studied philosophy? How were you able to get a job?


First of all, that was a mean question, you non-specific person that I just made up! Secondly, yes, I spent my college years reading old texts and arguing about things like metaphysics and ethics. But contrary to popular belief, a degree in philosophy can be quite useful if you actively apply your skills in the real world. A common adage that us philosophers like to throw at haters is, "Philosophy doesn't just teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think".


Are those really the only questions in your FAQ section? I feel like you could have expressed those points in a much simpler way...


Yes. Deal with it.

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