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My name is Mary, I am currently double majoring in English with a creative writing option and technical communications. I also take an interest in gender and sexuality classes due to my involvement in activism on campus. I am highly involved in Eagle Ambassadors, Eagle Pride, and the Harry Potter club. I also work two jobs on campus as both a tour guide and an office worker, so I am confident with my leadership and public speaking skills. This is my third year at EWU and I plan to graduate in 2018.

My talents lie in writing and I have a pretty good eye for aesthetics as well, which should come in handy for the design aspect. I am an extremely creative person and my hobbies include creating my own costumes from scratch, doing special effects make-up, and random art projects as well as repurposing old, used objects. This means that I am familiar with being hands on for projects and following instructions to create a finished product. I also know how to create instructions that are clear and easy for others to follow so they are able to replicate anything that I make and I pay extreme attention to detail.

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