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Hi I'm Taylor. I'm majoring in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Art History.I have been at EWU for 4 quarters, working on my 5th right now. I plan to graduate at the end of Fall quarter 2016. Skills I have that are relevant to this project: Document design, copywriting, and disassembly of objects. Experience that I have "fixing" things: I'm the systems administrator of my house (I handle software and internet connectivity), I have experience making props from found objects, and disassembling electrical objects and putting them back together (i.e. desktop towers and laptops.) These skills will benefit the project, because my skill set allows me to problem solve as well as be creative in those solutions. I also have experience handling electrical components, and know what to do with them and, generally, how to put them back together. Plus, with my experience with prop building, I can create solutions from objects that are found around the house, making it more relevant to the real world and to the assignment itself.

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