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Hi! :)


Welcome to my iFixit 'About Me' page! My goal here is to give you a glimpse into who I am and what I do here. With that in mind, this page, along with most online profiles, has some limitations. I know longer work at iFixit but my phone number is still 828-656-3756 if anyone who comes across this would like to meet up and go on an adventrue.


My name is Joe Smith[1] and I was a part-time customer service representative at iFixit from August 2015 to May 2016.

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Brief Biography

I study at Cal Poly and live in SLO, which I've decided is a cool place to live.

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High on the things-I-like-to-do list is walking, which is one of the most diverse activities out there. Subsets of walking that I particularly enjoy include hiking, conversations, listening to music, people/city-watching, thinking, backpacking, drinking milkshakes, and taking photos.

Other activities I enjoy (incl. doodling, class, and reading) aren't too compatible with walking.

Exhibit A: Who I Am

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Some people describe me as tall.

My writings have received a mix of great and bad reviews, as well as A/B/C/F's and even a few check-pluses.

Exhibit B: Who I Am Not

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The individual in the first picture would like to note that she has beaten me in Bananagrams.

Notable Experiences and Outlooks

My favorite food day is Thursday.

I'm a big fan of milkshakes.

I am of the opinion that SLO needs more establishments open until at least 3am.

My favorite donut is chocolate old-fashioned.

My signature meal is egg-in-a-hole, which most people apparently don't call egg-in-a-hole.

I'm from California, specifically the Bay Area, more specifically Campbell.

I've been to Utah, as well as Montana.

My birthday is in December.

I studied Industrial Engineering for a bit and absorbed an attention to process improvement.

Exhibit C: Two Truths and a Lie (Photos-I've-Taken Version)

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Exhibits D-E: Extras



[3] music videos featuring rollers skates: A / / B / / C

Closing Comments

Thanks for reading! On a serious note, let me know if you want to get lunch or something. I'd love to get to know you and will have plenty of questions.

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Really, your parents named you Joe Smith?? Yes. Well, no. Actually Joseph Smith. I'm not Mormon. Actually actually, Joseph Edwin Smith. Now I'm my own person.

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