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One…Three…G…Three…G again…S!…Four…Four again!…And another S!… Five!…S!...Five?!…C!

Thankfully Apple is in the technology business, not the education business. We can only imagine how jumbled pre-school students' ABCs and 123s would be if they were taught in Cupertino.

Crazy nomenclature aside, we were anxious to bite into this latest piece of phone fruit. So anxious, in fact, that we sent one of our own to the land down-under to get one.

Join us as we dissect the latest iPhone, and when you're done do what we did, and take a look inside the iPhone 5c as well!

Otherwise, check us out on Instagram for kooky pictures, Twitter for quirky quips, Facebook if you wanna be friends.

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua iPhone 5s, use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. iPhone 5s Teardown, iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 1, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown, iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 1, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown, iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 1, imagem 3 %32
    • An iPhone release means a trip to the future—the iFixit teardown crew has traveled 17 hours forward in time to get the iPhone 5s early.

    • We want to send out a big thanks to our good friends at MacFixit Australia for letting us use their office in Melbourne for the teardown. They stock Mac and iPhone upgrades/accessories, and also carry our iFixit toolkits.

    • To cover all our bases, we confirmed with our best linguists that the 5s upside-down is still the 5s.

    • Speaking of toolkits, for this teardown, we'll be using iFixit's brand-new Pro Tech Screwdriver Set.

  2. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 2, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 2, imagem 2 %32
    • As we ready ourselves to delve into the delightful innards of the 5s, let's check out some of its tech specs:

    • Apple A7 processor with 64-bit architecture

    • M7 motion co-processor

    • 16, 32, or 64 GB Storage

    • 4-inch retina display with 326 ppi

    • 8 MP iSight camera (with larger 1.5µ pixels) and a 1.2MP FaceTime camera.

    • Fingerprint identity sensor built into the home button

    • Available in three different colors: space gray, silver, and gooooooold (or as we call them, Not-at-all-the-Color-of-Space, Second Place Medal, and Bling!).

    Are both samples A1530 variants?

    Marco - Responder

    1200万FaceTime前置摄像头?R U sure?

    LiXian - Responder

  3. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 3, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 3, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 3, imagem 3 %32
    • Apple continues the everlasting trend of locking users out with pentalobular screws. Luckily, we came prepared. We whip out our trusty iPhone 5 Liberation Kit, and to our pleasant surprise, it works!

    • Unfortunately, we are ill-equipped in the color department, as we only have silver and black replacement Phillips screws.

    • We are currently involved in heavy lobbying to our product designers to create 14k gold replacement screws. They'll be $50 each and strip the first time you try to unscrew them, so they will be perfect for the iPhone. Stay posted.

    • With our iPhone 5s sufficiently liberated, it reminds us of another polka-dotted iPhone teardown coming in the near future…

  4. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 4, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 4, imagem 2 %32
    • We're done screwing around; it's time to get this baby open! Just like last year, we enlist the help of a suction cup to free the display assembly from the rear casing.

    • Unlike last year, we make use of some gentle spudgering, just in case…

    • Our careful spudgering paid off. At the bottom of the phone, a cable connects the Touch ID sensor in the home button to the Lightning port assembly.

    • This adds a small element of danger to disassembly, as pulling too hard on the suction cup could cause accidental damage to the cable.

    • We survive this first booby trap and swiftly disconnect the Touch ID cable connector with the help of a spudger.

    • Alas, our first peek at the internal layout of the 5s. Comparing it to the iPhone 5, we spot very few differences, the main one being the lack of a battery removal pull-tab.

    • With our favorite screwdriver set, we remove a few metal connector covers and embark on the epic battle of battery removal.

    • The missing battery pull-tab, though seemingly innocuous, indicates a bigger problem for battery repair: glue.

    • Perhaps the "s" in 5s stands for "stuck," as in "this battery is stuck in with a lot of glue," or "I hope you didn't want to replace your battery—you're going to be stuck with this one."

    • While we'd love a tool-less battery removal as we've seen in other phones, we settle for thermal battery removal via an iOpener.

    • Holy adhesive! It appears Apple ditched the minimal adhesive in the iPhone 5 in favor of those two huge white runways of adhesive holding the 5s(tuck) battery in place.

    • Update: Lots of folks notified us of the peel-able nature of the adhesive strips. We've acquired more iPhones for the repair guides, and we'll adjust the repair score (if needed) once we investigate the issue!

    The battery tape is a command type tape guys

    Mike Bauman - Responder

    Guess the battery is removed in totally wrong way. the tape should be pulled off from side, and the bettery will be removed without any trouble. refer: and

    ashi009 - Responder

    The first photo for this step needs updating. It shows screws being removed from the cover at the top of the phone, but in the subsequent photos, that cover is still in place. A different cover, next to the battery's recycle logo, on the other hand, was removed to expose the battery connector.

    shamino - Responder

    Peelable? I did not see any tabs on my iPhone 5s. And I accidentally punctured the battery and I got lithium poisoning.

    Justin B. (Nytalite) - Responder

    Hi balkicityfossils! This is a teardown and shouldn't be followed as a repair guide! Check out our iPhone 5s battery replacement guide to see how to remove the battery strips!

    Sam Goldheart -

  5. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 7, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 7, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 7, imagem 3 %32
    • The 5s has a claimed 10 hours of talk time on 3G, but there are rumbles that iOS 7 isn't doing you any favors.

    • The gold unit from Desay Battery Co., Ltd in Huizhou, China sports a 3.8V - 5.92Wh - 1560 mAh battery. Comparatively:

    • iPhone 5: 3.8 V - 1440 mAh - 5.45 Wh. Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G. Standby time: Up to 225 hours.

    • Samsung Galaxy S4: 3.8 V - 2600 mAh - 9.88 Wh. Talk time: up to 7 hours. Standby time: Up to 300 hours.

    • Motorola Moto X: 3.8 V - 2200 mAh - 8.4 Wh. 24 hours of "mixed usage."

    • It appears different units sport different battery manufacturers; our "space-gray" spare (right) comes to us from Simplo Technology Inc.

    Could you compare the weights of the batteries? It would be interesting to know, what would be iPhone total weight, if they would go for e.g. that 2600 mAh, so almost doubling the battery life. I guess that majority of users love such change and it would be huge advantage comparing to Android, as they would have to have about 4000 mAh batteries to gain the same real life stamina.

    Tomas Kapler - Responder

    Hello! Is the iPhone 5S battery compatible with the iPhone 5? It would be great to replace the one in the iPhone 5.

    Daniel Duta - Responder

    Hi, the 5s battery is NOT compatible with the 5.

    The connectors are different:



    Solomon Oh -

    Your jokes are not funny or helpful. You don't specify which bits to use. Overall your guide is trash.

    mvp_dlc_760 - Responder

  6. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 8, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 8, imagem 2 %32
    • With the battery safely removed, we turn to the next step in our disassembly journey: removing the (unchanged) 326 ppi Retina display assembly.

    • A few flicks of a spudger to disconnect the FaceTime camera, digitizer, and LCD cables, and the display is free.

    • Looking for some tech specs on the display? Well look no further! In fact, just look backwards…to the iPhone 5. Despite the trend in almost every other smartphone release, the iPhone 5s display is no bigger, better, or badder than the 5.

    What about the actual ribbon lengths, connector sizes, plate brackets? Could i take a 5 screen and transfer the home button then install it in to a 5S?

    - Repair Technician

    Kevin Neale - Responder

    I always remove ALL adhesive that is in sight for easier disassembly later on if the part breaks.

    Xavier Jiang - Responder

  7. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 9, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 9, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 9, imagem 3 %32
    • We quickly extract the home button and Touch ID, Apple's new fingerprint scanner. Time to dust for prints!

    • A CMOS chip, the Touch ID is essentially a bunch of very small capacitors that creates an "image" of the ridges on your finger.

    • The sensor technology, developed by AuthenTec and bought by Apple a year ago, reportedly stores your fingerprints locally, so giving your iPhone the finger will not make it all the way back to Cupertino.

    • We worry about how well the sapphire crystal covering the sensor can protect it from degrading over time like most CMOS fingerprint sensors. If not, it could become a ticking time bomb, just like that super-glued battery.

    I bought a Swiss Army watch in 2001 in Switzerland while on vacation. it had a titanium band and sapphire crystal. It has never scratched and I wore it daily to work (not a desk job) for several years. If the sapphire Apple is using is anywhere near as good as the one on my watch, it will last a long time without scratches. Of course, someone will scratch it with a diamond and Apple will be blamed for it.

    plink53 - Responder

    Good to hear! You gotta love a watch that can live with you. We are less concerned about the sapphire than we are about the sensor degrading from use. Since it is a capacitive sensor, each time you touch the sensor, electrons from your finger are being transferred to the chip. Comparatively, there are a lot more electrons in your finger than on the sensor, causing the sensor to wear out over time. The sapphire should act as an insulator, but it can't prevent all wear. Only time will tell how long these sensors will last...

    Brittany McCrigler - Responder

    Sorry, but there's a lot wrong with your description of how capacitive sensing works. It's complicated, but likely, the charge on your finger changes the capacitive coupling of two electrodes in a cross-bar configuration. There's no electrons being transferred from your finger to the sensor.

    steve -

    It is my understanding that people are worried about the Touch ID covering (sapphire) scratching to the point where there's too much interference between the finger and the sensor. The finger never touches the sensor, like on other devices, but it does touch the crystal. I don't believe the crystal will scratch and since I clean my screen regularly (just like my watch), I won't leave my finger print(s) for someone to "steal." Until someone runs a 10000-touch test on the home button, we won't know how well the sensor holds up. Since it needs a live thumb/finger, I'm not volunteering to test it. The test should also be done with a wipe between uses and well as no wipe between uses to see how long it takes for the crystal to become so dirty it's unusable. I bet dirty fingers and never cleaning the crystal will render Touch ID unusable before the sensor gives out or the crystal scratches.

    plink53 -

    Are you going to separate the glass from the sensor so we can see what under there?

    Robert Dohanyos - Responder

    Just curious if you have seen who manufactures the gyroscope accelerometer yet

    Will Kevlar - Responder

    The Gyroscope is from STMicroelectronics, the one next to Hynix's DRAM.

    wayne19857 -

    I would like to ask if the home button is the same size as the one in iPhone 5... If I buy a screen protector that works with iPhone 5, will it fit with 5S?

    bitzarosuk - Responder

    Are we sure this is a capacitive CMOS sensor? That differs from claims elsewhere that they are supposedly using an RF style sensor.

    Chris - Responder

    What kind of chip is attached to the sensor? It's supposed to be AMS, and if yes, I have a feeling that it reads NFC As well....

    Paul - Responder

    Why is removing the home button necessary when only the camera or flash is being replaced? Also, not necessary to remove the battery or the motherboard. Way too many extra steps!

    Melissa Hatt - Responder

  8. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 10, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 10, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 10, imagem 3 %32
    • We uncover the iSight camera.

    • The back of the iSight camera is labeled DNL333 41WGRF 4W61W.

    • According to our good friend Jim Morrison, Vice President of the Technology Analysis Group at Chipworks, "the DNL markings are consistent with the markings on the camera modules housing the Sony IMX145 we saw in the iPhone 4s and on the iPhone 5. The marks on the side of the module are different, but our industry insiders tell us this is Sony's again."

    • As Apple has stated the pixel pitch on this camera is 1.5 µ, this sensor should not be the IMX145, but a newer variant.

    • The bottom of the camera is labeled AW32 65BD 4511 b763.

    Is the iPhone 5s camera compatible with iPhone 5?

    myron verano - Responder

  9. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 11, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 11, imagem 2 %32
    • For those of us counting steps and comparing with last year, we're unsurprisingly right on par.

    • A great example of Apple's iterative design, the 5s shows some streamlining and optimization in its internal construction.

    • Gone are those silly antenna interconnect cables, leaving one less thing to break or get accidentally disconnected.

    • If only they had decided to move that antenna connector from the bottom of the logic board to the top...

    hi on your photo step 12 there is a small cable on the left can you tell me where I can purchase one of those as mine has snapped at the end

    gmne - Responder

    i have the same problem :/

    Willopillo11 - Responder

  10. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 12, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 12, imagem 2 %32
    • Looks like we found a Murata 339S0205 Wi-Fi module (based on the Broadcom BCM4334, according to Chipworks).

    • Again comparing our 16 and 64 GB models:

    • It seems that the Murata IC is the same between both iPhone 5s'.

    • The design of both logic boards may be identical, but slight differences in markings (e.g. 94V-0 on the rightmost, nonexistent on the leftmost) may indicate that Apple is manufacturing the 5s logic boards at multiple locations.

    94V-0 is an indication of the UL flammability rating of the PC Board.

    TGFriar - Responder

  11. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 13, imagem 1 %32
    • Open ses-EMI! Behold, IC treasures identified:

    • SK Hynix H2JTDG8UD3MBR 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND Flash

    • Qualcomm PM8018 RF power management IC

    • TriQuint TQM6M6224

    • Apple 338S1216

    • Broadcom BCM5976 touchscreen controller

    • Texas Instruments 343S0645 touchscreen interface

    • Skyworks 77810

    how about the m7 chip? what's in it?

    squashfan - Responder

    How did you take the EM out?

    Jorge - Responder

    Where can I buy a Texas Instruments 343S0645 touchscreen interface ? please, thanks

    Carl Le Gall - Responder

  12. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 14, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 14, imagem 2 %32
    • More ICs!

    • Skyworks 77355

    • Avago A790720

    • Avago A7900

    • Apple 338S120L

    • A super-awesome thanks to the Chipworks team for helping us decode and discern these delightful devices!

    Any idea which DAC they are using? Is it the same Cirrus logic chip as in the iPhone 5? I was wondering if they have improved the headphone output as the iPhone 5 went down a step in output quality versus the 4S.

    Asian Mike - Responder

    I wonder if the Apple 338S120L might be the M7? It's about the right size and proportions, assuming the illustrations and comparison between the A7 and M7 in the keynote video were to scale. Alternatively, I suppose it could be an replacement for the Apple 338S1117 (Cirus Logic audio codec) from the iPhone 5, assuming the Apple 338S1216 is the replacement for the Apple 338S1131 (Dialog power management) from the iPhone 5.

    I also notice that the gyroscope chip (STMicroelectronics L3G4200D) that was in the iPhone 5 seems to have vanished.

    RichardP - Responder

    Looking at the 5c Apple 338S1164 is in the same position as 338S120L and the same position as Apple 338S1117 (Cirus Logic audio codec) on iPhone 5. However 120L is much larger than 1164 so maybe 120L has the M7 functionality along with the audio codec function?

    toddderego -

    Looks like the Gyro is still from STMicroelectronics, Next to the SKhynix's chip.

    wayne19857 - Responder

    Are you guessing or know for sure?

    alienmatador -

    In the keynote the M7 was hinted as a part of the A7

    Frank - Responder

    It may be worth mentioning that during the video Apple made about the 5S, I noticed a something strange when they showed the A7 chip. The overlaid animation of the chip, showed an extra, smaller outline inside the A7. I found this strange, but I realized it just might be the M7 it's supposed to represent. Have a looksie:

    Fredrik Krokstad - Responder

    Does anyone know why the RF chip configuration is different on Chipworks?

    Chipworks acknowledges iFixIt's teardown, but their RF's are different and in different places:

    kristiecu - Responder

  13. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 15, imagem 1 %32
    • Turning our attention to the backside of the logic board:

    • Apple A7 APL0698 SoC (based on this MacRumors post, the markings F8164A1PD indicate the RAM is likely 1GB)

    • Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE Modem

    • Qualcomm WTR1605L LTE/HSPA+/CDMA2K/TDSCDMA/EDGE/GPS transceiver.

    • As we search for a much-anticipated M7 coprocessor, we begin to wonder if it actually is a separate IC, or if it is additional functionality built into the A7.

    • Maybe the "M" stands for "magical," the M7 is invisible, and Apple does use pixie dust to hold the device together. Or perhaps the "M" stands for "marketing"…

    • Update: the M7 has been found!.

    • Our A7 was fabbed in July.

    I'm very curious about the cell chip set-up. It appears Apple is using the same chipsets in both the 5c & 5s ( What I am wondering is if Apple made a more streamlined modular organization to make it easy in the assembly process...interchangeable between both devices. I mean, they have a lot more combinations of iPhones to make: 5c comes in 2 memory sizes, 5 colors, 5s comes in 3 memory sizes, 3 colors. Add 4 cell chipsets. Compared to the non-LTE iPhone 4S, which has one cell chipset, a single global model in one memory size, 2 colors.

    So, is the part that contains the qualcomm chips for LTE & other cell reception one modular unit, or is it simply that they have soldered different chips on the logic board? My question is, did Apple find a way to make this part interchangeable between 5c & 5s?


    Benjamin D - Responder


    This is a main reason for discontinuing the iPhone 5, as it did not support enough LTE carriers (i.e. china), so that Apple could have two LTE iPhone models for emerging markets. So this part of the phone would be the most changed from iPhone 5 (at least in the 5c).

    Maybe you could comment on this after the 5c teardown?

    Benjamin D - Responder

    Can you see if there are any chips under the black cover surrounding the connectors to the left? The leaked bare board showed a chip location under that cover. Thanks!

    toddderego - Responder

    Based on picture at Chipworks, the M7 chip is under that black cover in the middle of the connectors.

    toddderego -

    Any idea what IC is located right to the transceiver?

    Dima - Responder

    The antenna switch module from Murata, also the chip Doug Freedman from RBC Capital is too blind to see, or maybe doesn't want to see so he can downgrade PSMI and buy on the cheap!

    backstroke -

    Dear All,

    Is there anybody who knows the values of components located just near the Battery Connector? There are 4 passive components between Battery Connector and the metal shield of RF Part? Thanks in advance...

    Hakan Canbaz - Responder

  14. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 16, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 16, imagem 2 %32
    • It's time to investigate the new kid on the block, and it's fly like an A7. Along with the fingerprint sensor, the A7 is a major enticement for consumers to pick the 5s over the 5c.

    • The A7 is advertised as providing twice the performance of the 5 (and 5c)'s A6 processor.

    • The switch to the A7 marks the first use of a 64-bit processor in a smartphone. Based on AnandTech's review, it seems that the bulk of the A7's performance gains do not come from any advantages inherent to a 64-bit architecture, but rather from the switch from the outdated ARMv7 instruction set to the newly-designed ARMv8.

    • The modern ARMv8 instruction set was designed for a 64-bit architecture. It does away with the legacy support of the last 20 years, which increases efficiency, improving performance without sacrificing battery life.

    • We'll have to wait until we get inside the chip to find out who manufactured it.

    Any idea who made the A7 chip? Samsung? TSMC? Intel?

    Neil - Responder

    Package marks indicate Samsung fab..

    Where is the M7 chip?

    BHD2 - Responder

    Pretty clear at this point that the M7 is part of the SoC.

    Todd H -

    Incase you haven't read Chipwork's update, M7 is actually labeled NXP LPC18A1 that is located above the A7 in the middle of all the connectors

    Josh Dunne - Responder

  15. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 17, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 17, imagem 2 %32
    • Time for your close-up, selfie cam!

    • A few screws hold the 1.2MP FaceTime camera in place.

    • While the updated pixel size in the iSight camera may get a lot of attention, DIY paparazzi is what bling iPhones are all about.

    Can you elaborate on the connection of the heat shield sticker to the front-facing camera? by following another site's instructions for replacing the screen, i was told to remove the sticker instead of just leaving it all attached to the heat shield. In the process the sticker tore away from the camera module. I've ordered a new sticker but can't tell exactly where to reattach it to the camera. help?

    Dana S - Responder

    I would also like to know if the shield sticker for the iPhone 5s and 5c are interchangeable?

    Remy Chaplais - Responder

  16. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 18, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 18, imagem 2 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 18, imagem 3 %32
    • The lower peripherals on the 5s look very similar to those in the 5, though the speaker assembly comes out with slightly more ease in this iteration.

    • With the speaker assembly out, the headphone jack/microphone/Lightning connector assembly comes out easily.

    • As with previous generations, you will have to replace multiple components at once, since the design is not modular.

    Where can I find all these components at on eBay?

    sethappel - Responder

  17. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 19, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 19, imagem 2 %32
    • We find another hardware update: the new dual flash.

    • White and amber LEDs sit by the camera to balance the flash-induced ghostly tones of night-life photography.

    Hi, if you could remove the lens cover of the flash LED to expose the internal Flash LED component, it will be perfect.

    Chin Ewe Phang - Responder

    Vibrating motor. Back to the 4S motor, or did they use the same crappy one in the 5

    bbates25 - Responder

    Any idea if the iphone 5 glass/lcd assembly can be used with iphone 5s? or vice versa?

    Chris Conner - Responder

    I`d like to know that too, anyone please.

    victor -

    I verified that 5S screen assembly is different from 5, new connectors layout, !@#$ you crapple.

    victor -

    can i replace just the glass on the iPhone 5s? would i be able to just use the ones that they sell for the iPhone 5. my brother cracked his screen on his brand new 5s. however its just the glass not the digitizer.

    KinggChristian - Responder

  18. iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 20, imagem 1 %32 iPhone 5s Teardown: passo 20, imagem 2 %32
    • iPhone 5s Repairability: 6 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)

    • Just like in the iPhone 5, the display assembly is the first component out of the phone, simplifying screen replacements.

    • The battery is still fairly easy to access, even though it's not technically "user replaceable."

    • The fingerprint sensor cable could be easily ripped out of its socket if a user is not careful while opening the phone.

    • The iPhone 5s still uses Pentalobe screws on the exterior, making the 5s difficult to open.

    • The front glass, digitizer, and LCD are all one component, thereby increasing cost of repair.

    The one score down is totally unfair. Apple chose the command tapes for easy removal, and you guys took one score off just because you didn't know how to use them. This device should get at least 8, very modular design and straightforward repairs. The only frustration is the fused display

    Tom Chai - Responder

    I also generate this image to make it clear which piece I am talking about:

    Rafael Rossioli - Responder

    I found it! ;)

    Thanks anyway

    Rafael Rossioli - Responder


Good Morning or Good Night All........Any hint yet of the Mfg of the 5S Gyroscope Accelerometer?

Will Kevlar - Responder

Yeah, anyone knows?

Mathieu Liong -

They forgot to peel the black sticker between the connectors, pretty sure it's beneath it

Tom Chai -

Hi, if you could remove the lens cover of the flash LED to expose the internal Flash LED component, it will be perfect.

Chin Ewe Phang - Responder

Another great guide thank you. Will the 5S rear camera fit the 5 and work?

dave - Responder

No, the connectors are different.

Gigabit87898 -

Hello from Italy. Is the vibrating motor the same "noisy" as the iPhone 5? I may appear as crazy, but I didn't change my iPhone 4S to 5 because i LOVE the silent vibration of my iPhone 4S and HATE the noisy vibration of iPhone 5, which is as loud as the iPhone 4...

marchino87 - Responder

The S's stand for silent, so you really should've expected it to be louder.

Martin Hall -

yep it is the same counterweight vibrator as the 5. I think Apple stopped using the one from the 4s because it had to be sourced from samsung.

Ethan Chow -

iFixit, what's the deal with the condescending tone?

'Give Apple the finger' 'M for marketing'

Less snark, more details please.

Kris404 - Responder

details on what lol

Tristan Haugh -

Love you, guys. Well Done!

fscosta - Responder

In the keynote the M7 was hinted as a part of the A7…

Frank - Responder

So, the Touch ID chip and the home button actually share a cable? :(

Jan P - Responder

Stop complaining about Apple. Your !@# wouldn't be in business if not for them. People come to your site to view stuff about their devices.

Stop being !@#$%^&. Thanks.

Duder - Responder

you forget about samsung, and this is not a repair guide, this is a teardown.

Tristan Haugh -

Hi, do you have a picture of the vibrator in the 5S? I had some problems with identifying it on any pictures.

martin - Responder

Any hint on how much RAM the 5s has, 512 or 1G?

garyantoine551 - Responder

There is H6PPOP-1GB-DDR on top of CPU.

Filip Pusca -

the M7 is a chip... you all didn't look very hard I guess.

its labeled as NXP LPC18A1

doh123 - Responder


I want to congratulate the job and great effort that you´re doing fellows, you make the world go round, so keep going!

Cheers to all from Cancún, México, and have a marvelous weekend!!

Ernesto - Responder

Can you please not have the colored boxes around the ICs? Would be really interested in seeing the sides of these ICs and whwther they use any glue around them. You could just use arrows to point.

ral Joe - Responder

Is there any teardown details about all the different antennas? Where are they all located? What type of antennas, etc.?

Matt Holdrege - Responder

It remains the same with iphone 5. The bottom coax connector goes to the primary antenna, which is the lightning connector, the speaker and the bottom case metal band. The contact pad on the very top of the logic board goes to the diversity/GPS antenna, which is the top case metal band. The coax connector near the camera goes to the wifi/ Bluetooth antenna, which is adhere to the top case glass inlay.

Tom Chai -

Actually, to remove the battery adhesive from the 5s and the 5c, you pull up the hidden flap at the bottom of the battery, cut the flap in the middle and begin pulling the strip out from the bottom working around the bottom corner as you pull. It is actually VERY easy to remove the battery including the adhesive; the only problem is, you will have to either get new adhesive strips or figure out your own mounting adhesive. :) Hope iFixit Reads this and publishes it to help people not struggle.

Luke - Responder

Why do you need to replace the adhesive at all? The battery has no room to move inside the phone anyway. It seems the battery is only glued in to discourage DIY replacement.

lens42 -

you need to replace the adheisive because the slight moving around the battery can do, over time the friction could mess with the volume flex cable under the battery.

Tristan Haugh -

I'm thinking the 5 and 5S are the exact same digitizer. Can someone confirm this?

questionmarvin - Responder

What is the brand of screen? Sharp or LG? Does it change in black-silver-gold?

Hakan E - Responder

So if i wanted to replace just the glass part of the screen because the digitizer is still in tact. Would i be able to just replace the glass portion which is usually 7-10$..

thank you in advance

KinggChristian - Responder

LOL, using a pentalobe screw makes it 'difficult' to repair? Since when is a repair 'difficult' because you don't have the right tools? Get where you are coming from, and it's a pita having to buy the right tool, but please explain how is this ANY DIFFERENT from any other job you don't have the proper tools to accomplish?

mwolfgang - Responder

You're completely correct - all jobs are somewhere between difficult to impossible to do if you don't have the right tools. The big difference comes when a manufacturer starts inventing new proprietary tools - that most definitely makes a repair harder. We don't want you to have to buy proprietary tools (from us at iFixit, or from anywhere else) in order to do your repairs. (So that you know: iFixit only has Pentalobe screwdrivers available because we reverse engineered the screw, and started manufacturing our own screwdrivers.)

For your consideration - what if the phone had Phillips screws instead? Almost everyone owns a Phillips screwdriver already. Even if you don't, chances are very high that your neighbor or friend has one you could borrow. When a manufacturer invents a new, proprietary screw bit, then doesn't make the matching tool available, it makes repairs unnecessarily difficult (and expensive!), and that's something iFixit has taken a stand against.

Taylor Arnicar -

i tried taking mine apart but stopped while taking the retina plus out, i disconnected all 3 but put them all back on & screwed the plate back over it then connected the finger print menu button, put all back together & now my screen is messed up why is this?

marcus dalton - Responder

You may have put the screws to the display in wrong. If you put a screw from a different hole into the bottom left hole. You will ruin your screen and you have to get a new logic board. Also you might wanna take all the connectors off and put them back on and see if fhat helps. Otherwise it's pretty expensive.

Gavin Rivera -

YOU are BY FAR, THE WORSE "TAKE APART" guide website online. Seriously. T-H-E W-O-R-S-E. Instead of keeping focused, precise steps and pictures on whatever you are taking apart, the information seems to be written by a 12 year-old girl, such as infantile unnecessary "Holy adhesive!" remarks, or with irritating description of a step, like "We survive this first booby trap and swiftly disconnect the Touch ID cable connector with the help of a spudger", forgetting to mention and leaving Important information that is really what the reader wants to know: HOW to disconnect said cable? Which end first? There's a screw to be removed? Is not even mentioned that. And the pictures help nothing.

God you are terrible. Sucks because your crap website litter the first three pages of a google search for a tear apart guides, so you just stay on the way of GOOD take apart websites that can REALLY help us users.

Hope you guys go bankrupt

Joey Commentador - Responder

Hi Joey - I think you might have missed the point. iFixit's Teardowns are 'first glimpse' looks inside a device, created the day that a device is released. They are meant to be a summary overview of the highlights of a device - infused with some humor.

If you're looking for a complete set of free, thorough, and detailed disassembly and maintenance guides, just look at the 23 guides on iPhone 5 Device Page: iPhone 5 Repair. Hope this helps!

Taylor Arnicar -

I had cracked glass & LTD replaced and now camera is messed up. Picture is shown is small box on lower left, but won't open. Any ideas on what happened?

Dorothy, April 8, 2014

Dorothy - Responder

Perfect guide! Thanks!

Michael Payton - Responder

what do we do if we accidentally tear open the device and rip the cable? please reply :'(

ella - Responder

I have a question ....

I have a silver 5s and I broke the finger print censor. I bought a 5s locked with an iCloud account. I bought it for parts only.

What functionsof the device won't work without the finger print censor besides reading the fingerprint?


Will the parts of the 5s gold work on my 5s silver, and if so, what parts do I need to exchange?

Mike Mendoza - Responder

Good morning I changed u2 chip and reassembling came out a piece that does not know anymore where to mount it . can someone help me? the piece is main logic board loud speaker bracket .

gianmariobranca - Responder

Any idea which company made the speaker?

Peter Cooney - Responder

hi i was wondering what the sockets name was that connect the volume power button to

kylemckenzie522013 - Responder

Hi so I took part my iPhone 5s and broke the cable that goes it the motherboard. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

sethappel - Responder

How can i convert my Iphone 5S LTE to VOLTE? Because i am not able to use Reliance Jio (VOLTE)sim card for calling facility in India.Please help.

Rakshith Salian - Responder

Hi I've replaced the digitiser and LCD on the 5S, the screen lights up and display is fine however the touch screen won't register, any ideas??

michaelanicholson - Responder

How can i convert my Iphone 5S LTE to VOLTE? Because i am not able to use Reliance Jio (VOLTE)sim card for calling facility in India. Help with us here!

Shooting Star - Responder

Hey you should add the warning of step 5 on step 4. in big RED CHARACTER.

voy - Responder

This is a first-look teardown meant to show components. It is not a repair guide. Please refer to the repair manual for step-by-step guides.

Sam Goldheart -

So.... how do you remove the shielding on top of the Apple A7 Chip? Thanks!

Dylan McDonald - Responder

большое спасибо. отличное руководство для начинающих "чайников" , самостоятельная замена аккумулятора обошлась в 430 руб.

александр 65 лет.

antipoaleksandr - Responder

Hello, guys!

I am from Brazil.

Thank you! Thank you!

This "Guide Teardown" helped me a lot

Olá, galera.

Sou do Brasil.

Obrigado! Obrigado!

Este "Guia da Destruição" me ajudou muito.

Narley S. Melo - Responder

my iphone 5s fall down and after only shows apple screen then reboot and show apple screen again and nothing else, when i conect it to my computer, this can't find it. i'm sad. any idea please?

the most important i need is the phots

Josep M - Responder

Thanks guys, you do a good job, anyone need iPhone 5s LCD screen replacement parts please visit my profile.

Mandy - Responder

Dear Sirs, I am from Santiago-Chile, I’m the owner of a iphone 5s . Since 3 weeks ago I can not use my movil. As

oI connect I have the message “The phone is desactivated, connect to iTunes”. I have consulted to Mac locals, with no solution to my problem,

I can tell you that my movil has not any password, as nobody (Movistarsellers) did not advised me to incorporate a password, Neither they provided an instruction information.

I would appreciated very much your pront answer and help !!


Franco M. Rabagliati - Responder

Sorry it is almost a month and till now I did not have any answer to my requirement of help neither a

reception note of my comment. I would appreciate letting me know if you can help or not, Yours faitfully.

Franco Rabagliati , Santiago, Chile January 14th, 2018



Franco M. Rabagliati - Responder

Where is GPS antenna located?

yurkennis - Responder

Merci pour la démonstration détailler; et merci pour la traduction.

Laïd Bendial - Responder

What is that rly big pices name in like step 12ish

Riley M - Responder

Hi I want to get my iPhone 5s back camera repaired and battery replaced, please let me know the way

Shakti Singh - Responder

Could you pls post a pic of this phone’s internals? I’d be very very grateful if you’d do this.

Heet Patel - Responder

My phone fell down and went off and i dont knowbwhats wrong withit or what to do it doesn't came on again

Gerald Vugah - Responder

Thanks for sharing your information about the Iphone Repair. You have write a nice article. If you want to get more information about phone repair then visit this website Phone Glass Repair

Jackson Verdan - Responder

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