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Flipping both boards over reveals a lot of nothing on the smaller board, but a ton of chips on the motherboard—a "smörgås-board," if you will:

RFMD RF6260 Quad-band Multimode Power Amplifier Module

Samsung KMVYL000LM Multichip Memory Package, which we believe to house 512 MB of RAM in addition to the main processor.

Samsung K3PE7E700M 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM

Samsung SWB-B42 BT 4.0 Dual Band Wlan FM Tx/Rx. Chipworks says the module is actually manufactured by Murata, and houses a Broadcom BCM4330 die inside.

NXP 65N00 Smart Card IC. According to Chipworks, this two-die package houses an MCU and a PN544 NFC controller.

Silicon Image 9244 MHL transmitter

SiRF SiRFstarIV GSD4t GPS tracker

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