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What do you do when things get shaky? You X-ray everything that moves. And that is exactly what we did with the Taptic Engine.

"Taptic Engine" sounds like something found on an intergalactic warship. In truth, we really are just working with a tiny linear actuator and some zig-zag springs that shake a weighted core.

To be fair, this is the largest piece of mechanical machinery that we've seen in a smartphone.

The Taptic Engine translates the pressure on the new solid state home button into finely controlled vibrations.

We all love the sensation of clicking a button. The Taptic Engine's precise oscillation is designed to provide many types of tactile feedback, including the sensation of pressing a mechanical button.

Why not just use a regular button with a haptic addition like the iPhone 6s? Well, one less button is one less place for water to sneak in.

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