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This neat little coil feeds the Pixel C's parasitic keyboard, when it's connected in the proper screen-covering position.

Having no ports of its own, the keyboard needs inductive charging from the tablet to function. We'll find a twin to this coil in the peripheral.

Under the coil, we find a control board—probably responsible for turning boring old DC power from the battery into exciting, varying-magnetic-field-generating AC to power the coil.

Chips found on this PCB include a STMicroelectronics STM8S003F3 8-bit microcontroller, a Semtech TS32101 DC-DC boost converter, and a Semtech TS51231 wireless power system transmitter.

We also get to peel out this record-breaking headphone jack port with the longest tail ever.

It actually does double duty as an interconnect cable for the inductive coil and the right speaker.

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