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That wasn't so bad! Things are looking up for the 5X as we get our first glimpse at the interior of the phone.

The Wi-Fi, MIMO, and GPS antennae still reside on the rear case, along with the NFC antenna which formerly lived on its own control board. Unfortunately, those super convenient labels from the Nexus 5 have transformed into cryptic codes.

Luckily, this sticker on the inside of the back panel has all the essentials: IMEI, country of origin, and the model number: LG-H790.

Our spirits soared as we spied the 2700 mAh battery sitting in plain view—a removable battery is hard to come by these days.

But alas, it was not to be. The battery connector is squirreled away beneath the midframe, and it's totally inaccessible for now.

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