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So that concludes the iPad's side of things. But what about the Smart Cover? Only one way to find out -- have it go under the scalpel.

Inside the Smart cover we found the following:

A large metal plate encased in plastic that adheres to the magnets to form the stand.

Two yellow all-plastic plates in the middle that exist purely for structural support.

The stack of magnets we found earlier using our magnetic viewing film.

We were curious earlier why Apple decided to use so many magnets on the right side of the Smart Cover. They needed at least four to complement those in the iPad 2, but why the other ten?

They used a steel-to-magnet bond (which is weaker than a magnet-to-magnet bond) to form the triangular stand, and so they needed lots more magnets to prevent the case from literally falling apart during use.

It turns out that the cover doesn't work nearly as well once you take out the magnets, steel plate, and plastic structural supports.

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