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Mandrake 10.0 boot screen.

(Note from Bomgar: Current Bomgar systems include both newer hardware and different Operating System software. Newer versions have gone through significant quality and performance improvements since our early days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!)

Bomgar apparently creates a special boot image for every customer, with the customer's domain name cooked in.

Not much point in this, other than preventing your customers from reselling their Bomgar boxes. Essentially when you buy one of these, its resale value is zero the instant you sign for it.

This is why you do not see them on Ebay often, and why you should be leery of trying to buy one used. You need to acquire the domain name the box was registered with at the same time.

Failing that, the Bomgar company may take you in. Apparently they would have been willing to re-acivate this box for around $2,000 per seat (thats how many technicians can use at a time.) Plus 10% of total per year for maintenence. Since this box goes for $8-10K with a five-seat license, you are getting an old used machine for more than the new one goes for.

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