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The Virtual Boy display! Each 4-color display unit was manufactured by Reflection Technology Inc., and featured a 1x224 pixel resolution with 32 levels of intensity.

Each "image" produced by the display is merely a row of red dots. Used in conjunction with an oscillating mirror, a full image is produced.

Because the entire image is produced by a single row of LEDs, the refresh rate is incredibly high. Each pattern of LEDs is displayed for only 0.000052 seconds!

LCDs were considered as an option for the display, however they could not refresh fast enough and caused blurry images. LEDs became the option of choice as they could refresh fast enough and were bright enough to create a steady, bright image.

The developers looked into using multiple colors in the display, but they were limited by price. Red LED's were chosen because they were the cheapest, most efficient, and most visible LEDs.

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