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We remove another layer of cowling standing between us and teardown glory.

That face! How can you say no to that face? Microsoft seems to have taken the old triclops in for some plastic surgery; this year's model has moved the IR projector, making for a more human-esque two-eyed robot.

IC U too!

Microsoft X871141-001 - Per our honored cohorts at Chipworks, this "replaces the Prime Sense chip used in the first Kinect. By the look of the font and package codes it's from STMicroelectronics"

Likely a STMicroelectronics STV2000 I2C Deflection Processor/RGB Preamplifier

Samsung K4B1G1646G-BYH9 1 Gb (128 MB) DDR3 SDRAM

ON Semiconductor NCP6922 Power Management

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