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The brains inside the unit are just as impressive! It uses an Intel N80C186EB25 16-Bit processor (Digikey)

There is also my beloved LM339 Quad Comarator Chip, M74HC32B1 Quad 2-Input OR Gate (ST Micro), Quad 2-Input NAND Gate (Digikey), HM628128BLP SRAM, HIP4081AIP High Frequency Full Bridge FET Driver (Digikey)

MAX232CPE RS-232 Driver/Receiver (Maxim), MAX691CPE uP Supervisor (Maxim), LMD18200T 3A Motor Controllers (National), MC74HCT373AN 3-State Non-Inverting Latch (Digikey), MC41A Brushless Motor Controller (Datasheet), CS82C55A Programmable Peripheral Interface

One of the FETs appears to have melted the plastic casing, exposing the lead connection on the silicon. This could be why mine stopped working!

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