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Let's spot the differences between the 13 Pro (shown left) and 12 Pro (right) shall we? First off: no more display-mounted earpiece speaker! Easier display replacements, but irksome earpiece replacements (more on that later!)

And second, a missing cable (one we didn't notice was also missing in the 12 Pro Max as a matter of fact!)

Thanks to some expert knowledge from our new friends at Instrumental, we think the iPhones 13 are using "touch-integrated OLED panels", which, like their name suggests, combine the touch and OLED layers of a display—reducing cost, materials, thickness, and the number of cables you can accidentally tear. Neat!

The Notch™ is 20 percent narrower on the 13 Pro compared to the 12 Pro, thanks to Face ID's flood illuminator and dot projector merging into a single module! (Also more on that later! Noticing a pattern?)

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