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Compared to the 13 Pro Max, this lil' Pro is just right for our teardown. But it's not the size that counts, it's the insides!

It’s not that far-fetched to believe future iPhones will have built-in X-ray capabilities as one of their, say, 14 cameras. For now, we call upon our good friends at Creative Electron.

You can see a double dose of L-shaped battery, claiming every millimeter of space they can. We first saw these back when iPhones had letters for names.

We also see stabilizing magnets for the image sensors, tiny logic boards, and some potentially smaller Taptic Engines?

From the outside, this lucky number 13 looks a little swollen compared to last year's model. The camera bump has bumped up so much that the phone doesn't lay flush on a flat surface! Not that the 12 did either, though. Sigh.

Hopefully the micrometers of extra focal length will help justify this Carolina Squat. We'll have to wait and see!

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