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You can do this step before or after you remove the top.

Careful, it is easily broken! (I re-attached mine tastefully with tape, having broken the attachment points. ;o) )

Take a piece of tape, preferably painters tape, and make a small tape T-handle on the rear Jura badge. A small piece of rubber might work or you might be able to get it off with just clean fingers and skin friction.

Carefully push in and twist it to the left ~1/10 of a turn. Then, when you feel that it has come loose, pull it gently out to remove it. It is held in place by little lugs and pressure tangs.

After the rear Jura badge has been removed, behind it you will find two T15 Torx screws marked with red circles in the second picture. They must be removed.

You can then gently wiggle free the vertical plastic chrome piece that is on the rear - pull out and set that aside.

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