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We continue to raid the toolbag for bigger and beefier tools—like this Manta kit driver, which works equally well for swatting away screws and smashing walnuts. Just don't mix them up.

These screws are all named Phillip. We like Phillip; it's a solid name for a screw.

With the top layer of antennas, speaker, and charge coils flipped aside, we get a clear look at the internals. It does look a lot like a Note10+ 5G in there, if you eliminated the stylus and used that space for more battery.

Stay tuned for our teardown wallpaper post! We'll have your Ultra wallpapers, as well as your Plus and your standard S20.

We waste no time extracting the main board, which comes so laden with cameras, millimeter-wave hardware, and extra board layers that it feels like only half a victory. Time to start chucking things over-board.

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