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Samsung explains that the Z Flip's hinge-sweeping "brushes"— and we're quoting here—use nylon fibers crafted by micro-height-cutting technology to repel dirt and dust.

But if you actually buy this thing and turn it on, you get a litany of warnings that is somewhat less confidence-inspiring.

We'd like to test the utility of that new "fiber shield," so we introduce our Flip to some bright purple dust, shake n' bake style.

Spoiler alert: After a few seconds of heavy dust exposure, opening the phone results in horrible popping noises and a hinge that's frozen solid. Out pours a teaspoon's worth of purple powder.

This teardown just became an investigation. In standard Galaxy-opening fashion, we turn to our trusty iOpener to remove both rear covers.

Already we spot our purple pixie dust peeking out from under the wireless charging coil—not a great omen.

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