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Step right up and get yer battery specs! We spent long enough wrestling with the last uberglued Microsoft battery to know better than to mess with this one. We opt to leave it be.

This quad-cell, 38.2 Wh battery is unsurprisingly smaller than the 45 Wh battery in the Surface Pro 6, and just slightly bigger than the 12.9" iPad Pro's 36.5 Wh twin-cell.

What's left? Modular USB ports, flanked by the kickstand hinge mechanism and the case buttons. And at the far end lies the Surface Connect port—also modular.

You may be surprised to read the word modular so much in a Surface Pro teardown. So are we! We've done some deep breathing and pinched ourselves multiple times, but this does appear to be reality.

If only they could inno-vent some way to secure that battery in a more repair-friendly way. Maybe next time?

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