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While relatively painless, this opening procedure is not without hurdles—we see a few flex cables along the bottom of the display, dangerously close to the path of our cutting tools.

That said, it gets even painless-er when we start removing the adhesive. It peels off like magic—no mess! This is the kind of change we've been pleading for. If you must glue together a super thin, space-constrained device, this is how you should do it. (But don't do it on a desktop, okay? Because that's just lame.)

Our excitement is real, but let's pause to peruse these display chips. We've got:

Microsoft X904163 and X904169 display drivers

Winbond Q16FWUXB2 1921-681C DR80006

Analogix ANX2684 1920 C975AA

SiW SW50014A 8266631T 1844

SiW SW5077 J004370V 1920

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