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This is the Processing Board. It is directly connected to the I/O Board and to the Front panel/LCD board. I looked up a couple of the IC's and found that the one on the top right is a MPEG-Chip. Then the Small top left IC is a 32bit microcontroller. Couldn't find any more without having to hunt down Datasheets.

Unscrew the four screws (Circled in red) in order to remove the Processing board.

Then the remaining two from the Front Pane/ LCD Board.

The Rear panel can be removed if needed i have circled in this last picture as to where they were located.

Besides the case and cd/ tray at the top of the last picture there is the LCD board , the Processing Board, The I/O Board and the Power supply (in Counterclockwise)And that is a completely dis-assembled Sony DVD Player.

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