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On the way to freeing up the logic board, we're encountering a veritable plethora of standoff screws. We're used to one or two per iPhone, not X ten.

Luckily, we're armed and ready.

What's this? A modular SIM card reader! That's an iPhone first.

Not only does this mean quick swaps of a dead SIM reader, it also reduces the cost of replacing your logic board! Win-win!

This is likely a concession to the Chinese market, where eSIM is not supported—so in order to enable dual-sim functionality on Chinese models, Apple installs a dual Nano-SIM reader. The modular approach makes this much easier than it would be if the reader were soldered to the main board, as in past models.

The svelt, non-elbowed, single-decker logic board is now free to escape!

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