Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua ThinkPad 10 (20C1), use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. You should follow this video:
    • You should follow this video:

      • A plastic Opening Tool is maybe helpful

    • I have done it in a different way:

      • You need a bag, that is not providing too much protection, a wet street and a bicycle with working breaks.

      • I don't recommend this strategy, because you will most likely also teardown some of your body. (I'm okay, but I won't do it again)

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  2. We take a closer look later
    • We take a closer look later

    • It's the battery, a 3.7V 8.72Ah Li-ion. Partnumber: 45N1729 or 45N1727 or 45N1726

    • The PCB of the frontfacing camera and luminance sensor. P/N: 45N1729

    • The power connector board with the USB Type A connector. P/N: 00HW298

    • Speakers, P/N: 45N1729

    • Board with docking connections. P/N: 00HW296

    • The red LED of the ThinkPad Logo

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  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • 8 MP Rear Facing Camera. P/N: 04X1392

    • Wifi Module. It's compared to the WWAN Module pretty tiny

    • WWAN UMTS Module. Gets you connected nearly everywhere. P/N: 04X6014

    • SIM Card

    • The buttons for power and rotation lock. P/N: 00HW309

    • 3.5 mm Headphone jack, or why this device is better than an iPhone 7.

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    • SIM Card. Contacts are facing backwards

    • MicroSD Card. Sadly it is impossible to boot from it

    • The modelnumber, here: 20C10024MB

    • There would be the serial number

    • The volume control

    • The fingerprint reader

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    • The aluminium back cover has absorbed very much energy during the impact. It's really difficult to bend it back. To my luck, nothing else was damaged

    • Even without the backcover, the tablet is working fine

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