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Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, use o nosso manual de serviço.

    Considerações finais
    • The charging case is very easy to disassemble. Its battery is modular and easy to access and replace.
    • Some force is required to open the Buds, which can lead to some slight cosmetic damage and is a daunting first step for a repair.
    • The Buds are only semi-modular: their main circuit boards are easily accessible and held down with Phillips screws, but their batteries use soldered connections.
    • The Buds' drivers are practically inaccessible, making their eventual replacement tedious at best, but most likely downright destructive.
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    (10 é o mais fácil de reparar)

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Samsung making less repairable earbuds: “It’s evolving, just backwards.”

Ethan Zuo - Responder

Is dropped one ear bud few times and touch control stopped working one it ..except that everything works fine even the volume control…how to fix it?

Jakub Serafin - Responder

I love how easy the case is to take apart, however I cannot seem to locate a replacement battery for the charging case. Any idea where I could locate one?

Trevor Reed - Responder

Looks like the Galaxy Watch 46mm battery!

I haven't tried it tho, but will have to soon because my Buds Pro case got water damaged. Thankfully it charges the buds but not the case, so I'll try to replace the battery and see if that helps.

Oscar de León -

Found the one! After disassembling my case I could check the actual part number

Oscar de León -

Is it possible to buy just the battery for the SM-R190 case?

I left my case and buds in washing machine. The ear buds have dried out and seem to work fine now. I had to open the case and dry it out and clean contacts. The case and buds charge to 100%, but when I disconnect USB charger, the case charge quicky drops to zero (in minutes). I am hoping it is just the battery that needs replacing. The buds will charge in the case.

Glenn Lindsay - Responder


I have copied link posted by Oscar de Léon and ordered the battery. He has had EXACTLY the same problem as me.

Thanks, I hope that solves my problem, i.e. it is not something else.

Glenn Lindsay - Responder

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