This is my tear down of the Razer Blade 14. I haven't yet seen anyone dismantle this notebook so i decided to give it as try and went as far as I felt comfortable going.

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua Razer Blade 14" (2013), use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. The thin and sleek gaming Notebook from Razer.
    • The thin and sleek gaming Notebook from Razer.

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  2. Remove the 10 Screws holding the back Cover on to reveal the mainboard.
    • Remove the 10 Screws holding the back Cover on to reveal the mainboard.

    • DDR3 Ram chips

    • CPU Chipset

    • Liteon 256gb SSD (factory installed)

    • Factory WLAN/BT card

    • Battery

    • Aftermarket MSata SSD (installation screw not included)

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    • Removing the Battery

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    • Apparently this notebook was named even before i got it! In my use this battery will last through 4-5 hours of movies on power saver mode.

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  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • Removing the Speakers.

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    • The original mSATA SSD. (the secondary seen earlier was added by myself.

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    • Removing the fans.

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    • Removing the heatsinks.

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    • Removing the mainboard.

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    • This is the end of the teardown. anything past this point would likely cause damage to the notebook and as i intend to continue using it, this would be undesirable. Just one thing i noticed, that there is an debug ribbon cable plug left on the board, another thing, the power plug is replaceable.

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Great work, very, very professional ! And thanks, was really curious to see how one looks on the inside !

Darie H - Responder

Awsome Teardown! Thanks A bunch!

my91331 - Responder

Thanks a bunch everyone! With all the recognition I've gotten with this teardown I decided I would redo it with pictures taken on a proper DSLR and more of them and more indepth captions for the individual steps, I may even make some replacement guides!

tallme15 - Responder

Is that a second mSATA slot I see on the left side of the motherboard underneath the large ribbon cable?

Bryce - Responder

Indeed it is! it functions too, the stock is beneath the cable, the unpopulated is the exposed one, that i had installed an Mushkin atlas in and started using without a hitch.

tallme15 -

Glad to see the SSD can be easily upgraded. Because razer is charging out the HOOLA for SSD upgrades. They are following Apple's pricing model it seems, only if this were made out of metal like apple laptops.. Just a metal top cover lid.

Jason Elmore - Responder

Actually, the laptop is made fully of aluminum just like a Macbook pro. the only exterior parts that aren't are the touchpad, display, and keys, except for the power button that is also make of metal.

tallme15 -

Is the ram interchangeable? or was that built into the mainboard?

sparkybearbom - Responder

@sparkybearbom: I believe the RAM is built into the board as I did not find anything resembling RAM that was removable.

Bradley Oerth -

HI i'm having the same laptop its a beast.

I just want to have SSD upgrade since i have 265GB model so i want to open the device but i can't because i'm not familiar with it's screws type.

so can yo please advise on what is the screwdriver is suitable with that and does the mSATA drive require screws and if that is true what kind of screws.

thank you alot.

Amer Al Barrawi - Responder

@Amer Al Barrawi: I took one apart for repair. I do not recall the mSATA drive having any screws associated with it. I do also remember seeing a second slot (which makes me presume that a 512GB model is just 2 of the same drive?), so you may not even have to remove the drive.

To open the laptop case, you need a small Torx head screwdriver (T5 I think?).

@sparkybearbom: I believe the RAM is built into the board as I did not find anything resembling RAM that was removable.

Bradley Oerth -

Is there any way to remove battery without damaging laptop?

Dmitriy - Responder

Yes, the battery is easily removable as seen in step 3.

tallme15 -

Can you make more detailed guide on how to remove the battery?

Dmitriy - Responder

I might if I get some time, but its way easier than you may think, once you get the back cover off all you have to do is disconnect 2 flex cables from their headers, disconnect the battery, and remove 4 screws. Its really simple.

tallme15 -

Quick question. Very new to laptops (previously only built desktops), so unshelling a friend's Razer Blade was surprising (the whole 'layers' concept of laptops makes things nice and fidgety). So what I was wondering, is would you be able to provide a close up/description of how the little cream piece of plastic fits onto the port for the blue/white battery cable in Step 3, Picture 2? It accidentally came off as I was pulling the cable out. And just quickly, does it have to be an SSD for the second mSATA port, or is it possible to slot in an SSHD?

Ricky - Responder

that little cream piece is supposed to flip up, but not fall off. it just flips up to release the cable and allows you to then pull it out of the connector. Im not sure how you would go about getting the piece back into the laptop. As far as the msata slot goes, unless you use some sort of adapter, i don't think it has the ability to be used for anything but an ssd. It would not likely supply enough power to run a hard drive either.

tallme15 -

Can u do a video of how to add the second mSATA please it would be very helpful

Will - Responder

I'm afraid i wont be doing any videos on this product. Like I said earlier i will likely do another teardown at some point, but once you get the back cover off the laptop its super easy to install. All you will need is the msata drive and a screw to fit the hole in the motherboard to hold the ssd in place. (I scavenged one from another laptop's wireless module)

tallme15 -

Hi tallme15 I´m writing to you because i have a problem with my razer blade and maybe you can help me.

Few days ago i was trying to change my blade´s lcd and unfortunately i did something wrong when i connected the cables and two components of the motherboard was burned :( now the blade turns on but only work with an external display... one of it is a ferrite bead and the other one is a chip, maybe a modulator I know how to change them and i have the tools to do the job, but i can´t read the chip letters (hope that you can tell me) on the top because it is burned, and for the ferrite bead i don´t know which value it have (maybe its ohms can be measured).

I write to a lot of people and even with razer (obviusly they tell me to send the blade to them) and nothing.

I put two pictures here of the components:

Ferrite bead (tagged as FB31?):

Modulator? (tagged as U105):

Really apreciate if you or someone can help me with this.

Fernando - Responder

Hi Fernando,

Topic is quite old, but i can help you

Your pictures are awfully small resolution.

APL5156 is for the chip.

The other component , i need better picture.

but when i see the marquing FB30 and yours is FB31, i would say it is for a coil similar to FB30…


anybody can help me with this?

Thanks :)

Fernando - Responder

Well I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to open it up again but if I do I'll be sure to tell you.

tallme15 -

What kind of battery does this laptop take? mine is drained and needs to be replaced

Gio - Responder

The best information I can give you on the battery is what is pictured. That is all of the info that is given, I didn't leave any info out. Just good luck finding a replacement.

tallme15 -

i need to replace too, anyone know where i can buy a new battery for the razer blade?

hectorsteiner -

Hi you can get the new battery from Razer. Currently my battery its bloated and I need to replace it. Can anyone tell me what equipment i need to remove and replace the batteries?

Pikaweechu -

Oh and tallme15 on step 3 the first 2 pic what are you doing? Never done any upgrading or changing of laptop parts before so not too sure on what is that

Pikaweechu -

hello, for some reason they far right side of my keyboard stopped working, i think it was from a bang the laptop took a couple of days ago. it mostly works, just the first 2 rows on the far right. is it possible that one of the cables connecting the keyboard to the motherboard is loose? is it 1 cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard or more than one? thanks!

Ziad Ramman - Responder

If I remember correctly there are 2 cables that connect the keyboard to the mainboard, but you will have to dissasemble the whole laptop to gain access the the connectors. The fact that only one side had quit is a give away that one of the connectors is loose.

tallme15 -

Great. Thanks so much. I'll give it a shot.

Ziad Ramman -

What about all the keyboard and mouse stops working, where I can find a replacement?? Not on ebay :(

Ricardo Rodriguez (Pachan) - Responder

Hello, did both the keyboard and the trackpad quit working? If so, that will be requiring a motherboard repair.

Brenden Henry -

my rz09 may got electrocuted due to lightening during thunderstorms. It don't turn on any more even with a new adapter . Can any one please help . Where can I find schematic ,

Thanks in advance for any help

SHAIK Rahman - Responder

Hello there, could you provide the full model of the razer you have? Or the specs of it, if that is easier. As for a schematic, you will not find one anywhere for any of the razer products. I repair these devices on almost a daily basis though, so may be able to help out here.


Brenden Henry -

I have a Razer RZ09-0102 Need a charging port replaced. Can't find the actual part.

pricecm - Responder

I was considering swapping the top deck on my 2015 model. @techworksrepair I see you know a lot about these models. Are the 2015 and 2016 top decks interchangeable?

Alex Jankowiak - Responder

@pixelperfect Hi, they are not compatible unfortunately. The early 2016 model is the first one to introduce thunderbolt, so the ports wont match up with the motherboard. The only reason I could see to want to replace the top cover with the 2016 would be for the chroma keyboard. Now keyboard only replacements are possible on these models, but I have never tried swapping out the green backlit one with the chroma and not sure if it would work. My only concern is the Altera Max V CPLD, is what provides the direct scan matrix to the keyboard and it is programmed differently between the green backlit ones and the chroma. I'm not sure how this programming would affect the keyboards light operation. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this now.

Brenden Henry - Responder

@techworksrepair, I have a razer blade pro 2013 and one of the board to board connecting ribbon cables is missing. Is there any way to repair or replace it without sending it to razer?

Samuel Sheaks - Responder

Please let me know which cable, I have some in stock here, im sure. Most common is the DCIN board to motherboard cable, it sounds like this may be what you are referring to?

Brenden Henry -

My screen on my razer 14” 2013 is having connection problems I am assuming as the right third of my screen does not work but I can manipulate/shake/twist my screen around to certain positions in hope to get the connection proper and the image comes back. Is there a screen cable replacement? is it easy or even possible to fix this connected issue?

Matthew Amato - Responder

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